Constance-some facts
Here you find some general information about Constance.
Picture-Gallery: Constance
A short photographic portait of the town.

medieval Constance
Constance: History
Even the Romans were here. The history of Constance is quite interesting.
Since 1993 the Imperia towers over the harbour of Constance. It was a real local scandal when the sulpture was put up in 1993.
Between 1414 and 1418 a church council was held in Constance. It was the only church council north of the Alps.
Pictures from the warm time of the year in Constance.
Autumn in the largest town at Lake Constance.
Winter-time in Constance, a sometimes snowy town.
There are two universities in Constance, with 14.000 students.
Constance was not destroyed in World War II and could so preserve many of its historical buildings.
Only in 2006 the border fence between Kreuzlingen and Constance was torn down and replaced by sculptures.