Constance: Some facts

Constance has about 82.000 inhabitants and it's swiss neighbour town Kreuzlingen about 18.000. Until 2006 the two towns were seperated by a border-fence, which was then replaced by art-scultpures.

Constance is the biggest town at Lake Constance. The river Rhein flows through Constance. Lake Constance is situated 395 meters above sea level, the highest point of Constance is 570 Meter, near the subburb Dettingen, at the "Ronhauser Hof".

The Seestraße, not far from
the historic center of Constance.

Especially during the warm time of the year, many tourists visit Constance. For most of them the beauty of nature in the region of Lake Constance is the main reason for coming here. Then, Constance has an interesting historical center which was not destroyed during the Second World War. Remarcable buildings are the cathedral ("Münster) and the "Konzil". The Konzil was built by 14th-century traders and was used for assemblies during the Church Council of Constance (1414-1418). And then, there is the Imperia, at the harbour of Constance, which probably is the best known sight in Konstanz by now. It was placed there only 20 years ago and it shows a prostitute, carrying the king and the pope in her hands, during the 15th-century Church Council.

In summer, there are some interesting festivals (Article, Constance summer-festivals), like the wine-festival and the "Seenachtfest" (with spectacular fireworks). Then, there is a quite big and nice Christmas-Market. And Constance is a town, with a very strong tradition of its carnival. But you should be warned: In winter it can be grey and foggy at Lake Constance. The best time to be here ususally is summer-time (Article about the climate at Lake Constance).

Constance has a university, which was founded in 1966 and since 2007 it is one of Germany's "elite-universities". The university, with 9400 students, is situated outside the city center, near the suburb Egg, on the "Gießberg". Thus, the students are less present in the city center than in towns with old universities, like Freiburg. Another small university, the former "Fachhoschule", the "HTWG" is situated more closely to the city center and has about 3200 students. Accomodation for students is expensive in Constance. But the university provides some student-accomodation for a reasonable price. But you have to be luckey, to get a room there (Article about the universities in Constance).

A lot of new shops have opened in Constance in the past ten years. You find more stores here, than you would expect in a town of 78.000 inhabitants. Many people from Switzerland come here for shopping. The price-level is a bit higher here, than in many other towns of Germany. In most shops, you geht forms for VAT-refund.