Leisure Time

public beaches

To swim in the lake or just to lie on the beach: On a hot summer day this is one of the best things you can do in Constance. The entrance to the public beaches is free except of the "Rheinstrandbad". In Constance itself, there is one very big public beach, the "Hörnle" (officially: Strandbad Horn, you get there with the bus

Summer at the lake
number 5 or by bike; to go by car is not advisable in summer.) and the "Rheinstrandbad". More public beaches you find in the subburbs Litzelstetten, Dingelsdorf and Wallhausen (Bus number 4).

swimming baths

In 2007 a new luxury swimming bath opende, the "Bodensee-Therme". There is a hot spring, a sauna area and a 50-meter outdoor swimming pool. It is a very good place to relax, and from the "Bodenseetherme", you have an excellent view on Lake Constance. But the better place for indoor-swimming is the Schwaketenbad, where you find a 25-meter swimming pool.

Pubs, restaurants, beer gardens

Constance has "only" 80.000 inhabitants, but there is a great diversity and choice in restaurants and pubs, especially in the old town ("Altstadt") and the harbour area. Subjective tips where to go (in German): Click here


The biggest Cinema of Constance is the Cinestar, in the shopping mall Lago.. The Scala has a film programm, that ist less "commercial". It is situated on the square "Marktstätte" (from the harbour through the underground passage). And then there is one outright alternative cinema, the "Zebra-Kino" in the "Cherisy-Kaserne".

"Therme": Hot spring, wellness

Planetarium of Kreuzlingen

There is a observatory/planetarium in the swiss neighbour-town of Constance, Kreuzlingen. There regularly are events for the public.


For rainy days: There is a big aquarium with seafish in Constance.

Libraries: Public library and the university's library

The town's public library is situated opposite to the cathedral "Münster", the university's library on the area of the university outside the town (Egg, buses number 4, 9 or 11).