Highlights of the Carnival in Constance

In Constance, you are in the very

Pupil's parade in 2010
heartland of the Southern German Carnival ("Schwäbisch-Alemannische Fasnacht"). Unlike in other areas of Germany the official beginning of the Carnival in the south of Germany is not the 11th of november, but the 6th of january. Nevertheless, there are some events to celebrate the Carnival in november in Constance as well. But the traditional beginning is the 6th of january.

The Carnival of Constance ("Fasnacht, Fasnet...") takes place every year. After the starting events, there are Carnival-parties from time to time, but just before the end of the Carnival-period, there is a real culumination-period for a bit less than a week. This period begins with one day, which is the very highlight of the Carnival, one thursday (called "Schmotziger Dunschtig", 27/02/2014). On this day, there is Carnival in the streets of the center of Constance the whole day on. And in the evening you have a traditional parade of pupils in white nightdresses (19 o'clock). Most shops close on this day in Constance.

Carnival-parade in 2010
The days which follow, there are many more interesting events, one of them is the big Carnival parade on sunday (14 o'clock). On tuesday evening (04/03/2014) there are many events, in the center of Constance, where people say good bye to the Carnival with fires. And on wednesday ("Aschermittwoch", 05/03/2014) it is all over and the inhabitants of Constance have to wait for nearly one year until the next Carnival-period.