Constance Christmas market

Constance Christmas Market
The Christmas market of Constance has become quite big in the past years. Formerly, it took place on the central square Markstätte only. Then, in the 1990s, ist was enlarged. It now comprises the Markstätte and a part of the harbour area. Even a ship is part of the market now. So the Christmas market of Constance has a lot more charme today.

The organisers say, that they have counted up to 400.000 visitors in the past years. Really many people go there to drink hot white punch or to buy some small christmas presents. But it's not only the Christmas market, that has grown in the past years.

Constance Christmas Market
Since about ten years ago, there is a real boom in the retail sector in Constance. The many people that come here for "shopping" or just to see the Christmas Market, are a contrast to the calmness, that Lake Constance makes you feel during the cold and grey time of the year.

The Christmas market 2013 starts on 28th of November and will end the 22d of December. About 170 tradesmen offer goods, food and drinks. The market is open from 11 to 20 o'clock, on Fridays and on Saturdays from 11 to 21.30.