Autumn: Blossom of dahlias on Island Mainau

In autumn, on Island Mainau there are less visitors than in spring and summer. But during the dahlia blossom in autumn the island is really colorful, just before the end of the touristic season. The dahlia blossom begins at the end of august and usually ends in mid-october (depending on the weather).

Dahlia blossom on Island Mainau

Dahlias have originated in Mexiko and Guatemala. In 1790, the director of the botanic garden of Mexico-City, Vincente Cervantes, sent dahlias to Madrid. Since then many different sorts of dahlias have spread to gardens in Europe and the rest of the world. So, dahlias have come to Europe's gardens not too long ago, but nonetheless, there is a certain tradition in the dahlia blossom on Island Mainau for about 60 yers now.