Summer on Island Mainau

In summer the Island Mainau looks really different than during springtime, when the tulips are blossoming. In summer you have a lot of roses, especially right next to the castle. So, in summer, Island Mainau is less colorful than during springtime, but it looks a bit more "aristocratic" . When the weather is hot and you look on the palm trees, you may think, you are in the Mediterranean

Roses on island Mainau
area. And nowadays, in times of Climate Change, there are quite a number of hot days at Lake Constance in summer. And you can go to the island by ship, which might be a pleasure on hot summer days.

Island Mainau is the touristic attraction number one at Lake Constance. And most tourists visit Lake Constance in summer. This means: It is really crowded on Mainau on most summer days. If you like solitude, you should visit the island really early in the morning or late in the evening. Or you visit Island Mainau in autumn. Then it is much quieter on the Island and during the dahlia blossom, the island is really beautiful.