Mainau: Seasons


Spring, tulip blossom
In winter, there are no flowers to look at on Island Mainau. There still is a beautiful park, the butterfly house and the indoor palm garden. And you can have a break in the cafe in the castle. The entrance fee is 7 Euros, whereas it is 16 Euro 90 during the touristic season. In winter Lake Constance often is grey and foggy. There are better times for an excursion to Island Mainau, if you come from far away (Picture gallery: Island Mainau in winter).


During spring-time Island Mainau is really colourful. The beginning of the touristic season is the exhibition of orchids, in the indoor palm garden (23/3/2012 - 6/05/2012). At the same tame the first crocuses begin to blossm and soon afterwards the tulips.

Castle in summer
Mainau castle on a summer evening
The peak of the tulip blossom is about mid-April (depending on the weather). This is the most spectacular time on island Mainau and many visitors come to the island, especially over Easter and the school-holidays (Picture gallery: Spring on Island Mainau).


Most tourists come to Lake Constance during summer. And Island Mainau is the most visited tourist destination at the Lake, with about 1.2 Million people a year. Early in the morning and late in the evening it is less crowded. From about 10 o'clock a.m. till about 6 o'clock p.m. there usually are really many people on the small island. The roses blossom in summer. An interesting place during this time is the rose garden, near the castle. But, in summer, Island Mainau is less colourful than in spring during the tulip blossom (Picture gallery: Island Mainau in Summer).

Autumn on Island Mainau
Autum on Island Mainau


The dahlia blossom is a real highlight late in the year. For the last time before winter Island Mainau is full of colours. And there are less people than in summer or during the tulip blossom in spring. The dahlia blossom usually is over when the temperature falls under the frost limit for the first time, usually in the second part of October. (Picture gallery: Mainau-Autumn).