Summer festivals in Constance

Constance Wine Festival (24 -27/07/2013)

Constance Wine Festival
The Constance Wine Festival usually takes place for several days at the end of July. Many stands offer wine (mostly from the region) and snacks. In the evenings there is live music. Its location ("Stephansplatz") is some distance away from the lake, but the atmosphere there is comparatively cosy.

"Konstanzer Sommernächte" (Concerts 7-10/8/2013)

Concerts in the Stadtgarten (city garden/park), on the days before the "Seenachtfest". There are many tables where you can sit down and drink a beer. Compared to the "Seenachtfest" it is a small and cosy event right at the shore of Lake Constance. The entrance fees are quite moderate.

Summer concerts in the "Stadtgarten"

"Seenachtfest" (A varierty of events and concerts with big fireworks in the evening 10/8/2013)

The Seenachtfest is a real big one-day festival with all its positive and negative aspects. If you prefer tranquility, you should stay away from the center of Constance for the whole day. For this one day, for getting close to the lake in the center, you have to buy a ticket. In neighbouring Kreuzlingen there is a festival at the same time, the "Fantastical", which is for free. There are some concerts in the evening (pop music). And when it is dark, there is a Swiss-German fireworks (for about half an hour).

Fireworks at the "Seenachtfest"

"Rock am See" (21/9/2013)

Constance with its 80.000 inhabitants never had a professional football team. But there is a quite big stadium. And once a year about 20.000 mostly young people come to the stadium to attend the rock music festival. In 1985 this one-day festival took place for the first time. Some of the rock bands that come to the festival are well-known (at least in Germany).