Tulip blossom on Mainau

tulips (Mainau)
Seas of tulips
Snowdrops and crocuses are among the first flowers in the year on Mainau island. About the end of march (depending on the weather), narcissi begin to blossom in great numbers. In April, during the tulip blossom, the island is really colorful and beatiful. Then, especially during the Easter holidays, a lof of people visit the island. As the winters often are quite foggy and gray at Lake Constance, the colorful time of the tulip blossom on island Mainau is a stark contrast to winter time at the lake.

When people think of tulips, they usually think about Holland. But the native range of the flower is Asia and the east of the Mediterrenean. In the middle of the 16th century, the first tulips were brought to Middle and Western Europe. There tulips soon became a luxury item and Holland the most important centre of tulip cultivation. There was a lot of speculation and prices

Mainau in spring
for tulips and tulip bulps rose to absurd hights. The so called "Tulp mania" ended in 1637, when the prices fell by more than 95 per cent in one day. The "Tulip mania" was one of the first recorded speculative bubbles. But tulips even today are a part of Holland.

And tulips are a part of Mainau island. The tulip blossom, you can enjoy on the Mainau nowadays, dates back to the 1950s. Especially in autumn, about 60 gardeners are very busy planting the bulbs of narcissi and tulips. In spring, more than a million spring plants blossom on Mainau island. And one of the absolute highlights ist the tulip blossom.