A walk on the Mainau (half-day trip)

The flower island Mainau is especially beatiful in spring, when the tulips are blossoming and in autumn, when there are many dahlias. In summer there are many roses on the island. Then, there is a small tropical garden inside, the "Palmenhaus" and a butterfly-house (Schmetterlingshaus). The Mainau is well suited for children. There is a playground with maritime elements and a small petting zoo. There are some restaurants on the island. If you just want to drink a coffee, go into the "Schlosscafe", which is quite nice.

You get there with the bus number four (timetable). You can't take your bike onto the island itself, but the way to the island is quite nice. During the tourist-season you can get to the Mainau by ship (timetables). The entrance fee for an adult is

The castle and tulips
17.50 Euros, a ticket for the hole year costs 45 Euros (more information).

About 1.2 million visitors come to the island every year. On some days it is really crowded on the Mainau, especially during easter time, in the summer holidays and on some single weakend-days in atumn during the dhalia-blossoming. Relatively calm it is in the morning and in the evening. The island is open from sunrise to sunset.