Constance: Tips for spring

It's cooler... Constance and at Lake Constance than in other Southern German towns. The lake cools the region in spring. Flowers begin to blossom about two weeks later, than in other regions in the south of Germany (More about the climate at Lake Constance).
Constance: "Stadtgarten" (City garden)

The sun... back again after the often foggy and grey winter. The inhabitants of Constance are happy, that the better part of the year is beginng now. They go out for walks along the lake or just sit or lie somewhere outside in the sun. The foggy time is over!

To ride...

...your bicycle is fun again. There are good cycle paths in Constance. So for many locals their bike is the means of transport "number one", even in winter. The landscape of the region is beautiful and with a bike, you just see and feel much more of it. When it's warm, there's nothing better at Lake Constance, than to go by bike. What about a bicycle tour around Lake Constance in spring? It's still cooler than in summer. But there are less people on the cycle paths and at the touristic sights. There is more tranquility in spring than in summer.

Island Mainau... the most visited touristic sight at Lake Constance. And in spring the island is very colorful. When the tulip blossom is at its height, it's the most beautiful time of the year on Island Mainau. But it also is quite crowded at that time, especially over the easter holiday period. (Article about the tulip blossom on Island Mainau). If you are looking for tranquility, it might be an alternative to visit Island Mainau in autumn (Article about the seasons on Island Mainau).
Spring meadow, "Bodanrück"

White and yellow:

Apple trees in white blossom and yellow meadows with dandelion are characteristic for spring in the hinterland of Constance. There, the most beautiful time is usually at the end of April and the beginning of may. So: Take your bike and get out of the town!